When it comes to building and construction, it is impossible to name marble.

Marble is one of the most used and popular stones among natural building stones in the whole world.

Stay with us to learn more about this stone.

Marble Stone is one of the most beautiful decorative stones, which is widely used in the construction of stone artifacts and buildings with its unique physical and appearance characteristics.

This stone has been transformed from the category of limestones and due to the less porosity they have compared to travertine stones, they have more relative resistance and weight.

On the other hand, they have less resistance and weight than granite stones.

The beauty, variety of colors and designs of marble stone are among its most important features, which we will mention below.

Features of marble stone

Due to the many mines inside Iran, marble stone can be found with a reasonable price and a lot of variety. In most of the marbles, you will see many designs of lines or cotton flowers, which cannot be touched and felt in any way, and this has made it more beautiful.

Marble stones are one of the most similar stones to travertine, and the way to identify them for non-experts is from the back of the stone (behind the worn part) and the absence of voids.

how to arise

Marble is a metamorphosed stone that is formed by the recrystallization of limestone, in such a way that over time and under pressure and heat, the texture and structure of limestone is transformed, recrystallized and a large, rough and veined calcite is formed. It exists.

Marble mines

In Iran, many mines have been identified and are being exploited.

Of course, there are certainly many mines of marble in our dear country of Iran, which have not been identified or if they have been identified, they have not been exploited.

Marble is produced and processed in a wide range of colors in Iran

What designs and colors does marble have?

This stone has chains called stylolites, which can be seen in the texture of the stone like the rhythm of the heart.

Pure marble has a white and shiny color. The light gray to black color is caused by carbonaceous materials.

Green colors are usually produced by chlorite or other silicates.

The pink and red color is due to the presence of very finely dispersed particles of hemothite or manganese carbonate, and the yellow and cream color is due to the presence of limonite.

Persian Silk or Silk Emperador marble stone with a gray background.

It is a green and kashmare marble stone with a white color background.

Najaf Abad marble, Golden Black marble, Dehbid black marble and Birjand black marble with black background.

Application of marble stone in building

The most common use of this stone is to use it as flooring and stairs inside the building.

But today, this stone is used in the form of slabs to decorate walls and floors, for kitchen cabinets and counters, bathroom sinks, etc.

Dark marble stones such as Najafabad black, golden black, etc. are used in slab dimensions for the lobby of hotels and luxury buildings, because they double the beauty of the space.

Advantages of marble stone

  • Variety of colors and designs
  • Unique beauty
  • A suitable choice for the interior space on the floor and walls
  • The surface is almost uniform and more uniform than travertine
  • The price is right
  • high resistance

Disadvantages of marble stones

  • In the case of marbles with polished and polished surfaces, corrosion and erosion will occur on the surface due to continuous exposure to moisture.
  • In some types, especially dark marbles, if the sanded type is used as flooring, the surface of the stone will not be scratch resistant.
  • Cracks cause less durability against freezing and decrease the strength of the stone.
  • Low resistance to acid substances and erosion (which makes us unable to use these stones in facades of buildings in areas with a lot of acid rain or limits their use in bathrooms and toilets due to the use of acid-containing detergents)

Frequently Asked Questions

Does marble have the ability to pass light?

no onyx has this feature.

In which cities of Iran are there more marble mines?

Lorestan, Markazi and Yazd provinces respectively have the most marble mines.

On what basis is the price of marble stone determined?

Marble stone is priced based on the quality and analysis of the stone, color and design, diameter and dimensions of the stone, exact sort of stone, type of stone processing.