Melika marble

Melika marble quarry located in Raver city of Kerman province has a wide range and high health and with a monthly production and supply capacity of 20000 tons in two types of Saina and Melika. Due to its high health and low water absorption, it can be used in the external space of the building and has the size of stone supply for large-scale projects.

تراورتن پارکو

معدن پارکو
معدن پارکو با رنگ های قرمز و الوان خاص خود،مناسب جهت فضاسازی و دکور داخلی با ظرفیت تولید ماهانه 3000تن در ماه

Moca Travertine

تراورتن موکا
Moca mine, located in Mahallat city, with cream color tone, reasonable price and high health, is suitable for the production of travertine stone for large-scale projects.

Titanium Ttravertine

تراورتن تیتانیوم
Titanium travertine mine located in Mahallat city of Central province with white and gray color tone suitable for interior decoration.